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Eden Valley and Balmoral Town Centres 

Friday, 25 Sep - Sunday, 4 Oct 2020

Explore, eat, enjoy!


This year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Moon Festival event will be different. Dominion
Rd will be decorated with flags and lantern displays in the month of September. Instead of
a large three-day festival, it will instead be run at a smaller scale over 10 days (Fri, 25 Sept –
Sun, 4 Oct`20). This 2020 Festival will include family-friendly activities, food and

In Aug`20 in the run-up to the festival, we invite children, schools and community groups to
join in the fun of creating rabbit friends to support Jade Rabbit. Colour, design or draw your
own rabbit friend on an A4-size paper, drop it off at the Jade Rabbit Collection Box in
Dominion Rd or post it online (#JadeRabbitFriend) by Mon, 31 Aug`20.

Local libraries around Albert-Eden Local Board in Epsom, Mt Albert and Pt Chevalier are
offering visitors the opportunity to colour or decorate Jade Rabbit Friend posters during a
visit to the library.

We’ll be collecting all completed posters and distributing these to Dominion Rd businesses
along Eden Valley and Balmoral town centres in Sept`20.
During the festival, hop along and join in the Rabbit Art and Hunt activity. This fun activity
encourages the young and young at heart to find / hunt for their (and their friends’) Jade
Rabbit Friend posters. These colourful creative posters will be posted on shop windows
during the festival.

During the week of Friday, 25 September to Sunday, 4 October, participating businesses will
be running attractive promotions. Buy-local and support local businesses.

For foodies and the adventurous, it’s a time to visit Dominion Rd to explore and discover
mouth-watering diverse culinary fare on offer by local eateries.

Come along and join in the fun. Explore, eat and enjoy!



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