Dominion Road’s very own Oriental festival is a unique presentation of the Mid-Autumn Festival. In Auckland / NZ it’s called the Moon Festival and it happens in Springtime! The Moon Festival is celebrated by East and South East Asian communities. It’s a time for reunion of family and friends. Togetherness, harmony and happiness - spending time together and just enjoying the beauty of the full moon. 

The 2021 Dominion Rd Moon Festival will be celebrated from Friday 17 September to Sunday 19 September at three venues at the intersection of Dominion and Balmoral Roads - Potters Park, the Mt Eden War Memorial Hall and the ex-Warehouse carpark.

The Festival showcases a range of Asian cultures along with an infusion of diverse ethnic representations through dance and performances, arts & craft, food and interactive light displays. The lighting displays this year are a family-favourite drawcard and if the 2019 attendance is anything to go by, this year will be huge!

The spirit of the moon festival will be celebrated through street flags and colourful lanterns installed along Dominion Rd in September 2021.  Jade Rabbit Friends will be making an appearance on shop windows. They are colourful, eclectic rabbit personalities that have been created, designed and contributed by children and people of all ages around Auckland.   Basically they have come out to “play and support” Jade Rabbit who lives on the moon with Chang’e, Lady of the Moon. (It’s just both of them living on the moon. It can get rather lonely 😉 )

Aucklanders are invited to visit Dominion Rd during the festival. Hop along to explore and enjoy the diverse art interpretation of Jade Rabbit’s friends. They are beautiful and unique poster contributions from the community.  Look for the 2021 Top 30 Jade Rabbit Friend posters. These will be featured on six gallery boards around
Eden Valley and Balmoral town centres.  

During the week of the festival businesses will be running attractive promotions.

Buy, shop and support local businesses.

For foodies and the adventurous, it’s a time to visit Dominion Rd to explore and discover
mouth-watering diverse culinary fare on offer by local eateries.

Join us.

Come along and join in the fun. Explore, eat and enjoy!

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