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We are thankful for the courage and vision our co-organisers, sponsors, event partners and supporters have given us. Without them this event would not be possible.

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The China Construction Bank is the Auckland Dominion Road Moon Festival 2023 naming sponsor. Issues related to commercial loans, real estate loans, trade financing, investment immigration, and international remittances. Everyone can come to consult CCB.


TC Regulations New Zealand is committed to the mission of Drive Achieve. Composed of several senior licensed immigration advisors, policy advisors, and senior education advisors. They are committed to providing the best tailored solutions for each applicant.


Atomy is a global product distribution company. They are customer-centric and offer better quality products at more affordable prices. The highest goal of their management is to exceed customer satisfaction and achieve customer success.


IMPERIAL VAULTS is the safest safe deposit box facility in Auckland, offering flexible rental or purchase options. Located in a trustworthy, secure, private, and convenient central location. Monitor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


ITSU has over 20 years of professional knowledge in the massage chair industry. Let's bid farewell to fatigue and discomfort. To enjoy a healthier and more comfortable life, please choose ITSU.


CT Logistics provides professional, high-quality, and efficient services to everyone. Business shopping, e-commerce shopping, and personal items can all be delivered to home by express delivery. 

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