Moon Festival's History


The idea of having a Mid-Autumn festival celebration was mooted during discussions between Balmoral Chinese Business Association and Albert-Eden Local Board.  Local Chinese businesses were very keen to share with Aucklanders the practices and traditions of the Mid-Autumn Festival, which is another major Chinese festival after the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year).

Albert-Eden Local Board welcomed the idea as it complements commitment in strengthening community connections through arts, culture and events. It also encourages support and promotion of Dominion Road's unique vibrant identity - A  world within a street. An event like this will offer opportunities for cultural and social exchange where diverse communities share and learn about  practices of different cultures, bringing people together to meet each other and have fun. The new festival  will create social engagement and  economic opportunities for everyone involved.


The broad concept of Moon Festival was accepted to be a good fit for Dominion Road and many Asian businesses.  A tri-partite collaboration between Albert Eden Local Board (AELB), Balmoral Chinese Business Association (BCBA) and Dominion Road Business Association (DRBA) was formed. The Steering Group agreed to the name:  Dominion Rd Moon Festival (DRdMF)    



Introduction of Dominion Road’s new signature event, the Dominion Rd Moon Festival (13 - 15 September 2019). The three-day festival was successfully hosted through support from three core sectors

  1. Founding Partners:  AELB, BCBA and DRBA

  2. Sponsors and Businesses: Sponsors from businesses around Dominion Road and Auckland.

  3. People and Community:  diverse community groups, local schools, not-for-profit agencies and student volunteers.






As with many events and festivals around Auckland, the on-going Covid-19 pandemic and government restrictions have impacted a number of activities planned for the 2020 Dominion Rd Moon Festival.  The planned activities have had to be cancelled. In keeping with the spirit of the festival, Dominion Rd will feature street decorations (flags and colourful lanterns), the Jade Rabbit Friend Art Hunt and participating businesses offering special promotions.      



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