2021 Dominion Rd Moon Festival
                 Rabbit Art and Hunt

An invitation to children, families and friends                                  – Everyone!

In East Asia, the Jade (Moon) Rabbit is a widespread cultural symbol.  Jade Rabbit is the companion to the moon goddess, Chang'e. According to legend, it lives on the moon constantly pounding the elixir of life for Chang'e. In Korean or Japanese folklore, Jade Rabbit is busy  preparing ingredients for making rice cakes. It is said that both Chang'e and Jade Rabbit can usually be seen in full view during the Moon Festival (15th day of the 8th Moon in the Lunar calendar) when the moon is at its largest and brightest.

Due to recent Covid-19 Level 4 restrictions, we have had to make the heartbreaking decision to cancel the three-day activities packed Dominion Rd Moon Festival at Potters Park and Mt Eden War Memorial Hall along Dominion Rd, Auckland.

We are, however continuing with our #JadeRabbitFriend art activity on Facebook. In keeping with the spirit of the festival and to show support for the festival, we invite children, families and friends to join in the fun of creating rabbit friends.

Grab you paintbrushes, colour pencils, scrap papers and craft "bits-and-bobs' to create your own interpretation of #JadeRabbitFriend. You can show us your artwork by posting it on Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #JadeRabbitFriend.

You can also pop it on your window to share with your neighbours. Spot other #jadeRabbitFriend posters during walks around your neighbourhood.


To participate, all you need to do....

Step 1: Draw your own "Jade Rabbit Friend" or colour and decorate using the template below

Step 2 : Post your completed "Jade Rabbit Friend" poster (by 19 Sep`21) on Facebook of Instagram using the hashtag #JadeRabbitFriend.

Step 3: Pop your completed artwork on your front window.


Need more information? Please contact Cheng Goh   Placemaking Coordinator 

E: pm8balmoral@gmail.com 

#JadeRabbitFriend 26 Aug 2021.jpg

   2020 Top 30 JadeRabbitFriend posters

Look for new entries around Eden Valley and Balmoral town centres in September 2021! 

2020 Top30 JRF Gallery Board E
2020 Top30 JRF Gallery Board F
2020 Top30 JRF Gallery Board A
2020 Top30 JRF Gallery Board D
2020 Top30 JRF Gallery Board C
2020 Top30 JRF Gallery Board B